Joining Hamilton BMX

Still keen after 3 visits? The next step is to join our club. New riders apply and pay for their membership license online through the BMX New Zealand website. Below is some helpful information. If you have any further questions about membership, please contact our club; We look forward to racing with you regularly!

Membership options:

There are several membership licenses available depending on the age of the rider and whether the rider is interested in racing outside of club night.

Strider – Any rider that is currently using a strider / balance bike and is under 5 years old.

Sprocket – Riders aged between 5 and 7 years (of the year they turn 7). Riders under the age of 5 that have moved onto a pedal bike and are riding from the start ramp must also have a sprocket license. Sprocket riders can race anywhere in New Zealand including NQM’s (National Qualifying Meets).

Regional – Riders that are turning 8 or over in their birthday year (known as UCI age – Union Cycliste International age). This license allows riders to race at club nights (category 10) and small non-NQM regional race meets (category 9).

Challenge – Riders that are UCI age of 8+ years. Challenge riders can race anywhere in New Zealand including NQM’s, national race meets or Oceania race meets.

Championship – Fot adult elite riders of UCI17+. Conditions apply.

Membership costs:

Membership costs are broken down into two parts. One portion is the fee to join BMXNZ and the other portion is the fee to join Hamilton BMX club. Both portions must be paid for to obtain a license. Total annual membership costs range from $40 for Strider licenses to $150 for Challenge licenses.

The membership license runs from the 1st of Jan to the 31st of Dec. It is an annual license that will need to renewed each year.

Where do you find the online Membership form?

The online membership form can be found on the BMX New Zealand website under the membership tab. Follow the links to select BMX Clubs, Waikato Region and then Hamilton BMX club. This will bring you to the our licensing application required for membership.

Alternatively you can use the hyperlink below to connect directly to our licensing application form which is used for membership registration.

Once you are in the form, fill out the riders personal details, select license type, attach identification and include any medical details. Payment amount will automatically be shown when you select the license type. Payment is requested once the form is submitted. Good luck!

Number Plates & Transponders:

When membership is complete, riders will need to source a number plate for their bike. Strider and Sprocket plates are provided by the club. Any other license plates can be organised through the club or on your own (you can personalize your plate). There are number plate regulations like specific colour for race classes or the number has to be between 50-999 etc. Please enquire at the club to check regulations.

Challenge and Championship riders are required to have a transponder for race meets. Transponders record the time it takes for a rider to complete the race. Transponders cost $80 up front (including a one year membership with MyLaps) and then there is a yearly MyLaps subscription required for the transponder to be activated. Please enquire at the club if you need a transponder.