Renew Membership

Active members will be invited through the club to renew their membership for the following year. This invite will provide a personalised link to the renewal form. This invite is normally sent out by the end of September each year. If you have not received the renewal invite, please contact the club at

Membership costs:

Membership covers a payment to BMXNZ and a payment to our club. Within our club fee payment, there is a one off family levy of $20. This is only added onto the first person registered in the family group. Families of four or more riders are also provided a club membership discount. These families will not pay the club membership – the value of $50 per rider (when a sprocket, regional, challenge or championship license is selected), they will only pay the BMXNZ portion.

Please note (note added Sept 2023):

1. The invite for 2024 renewals may be delayed until mid-Oct 2023.

2. The online purchase selections below for membership below are now obsolete. We are currently working to remove these.

Thanks for your patience for both of these notes.

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