2019 Membership Renewal

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For current members to renew their membership for 2019. Membership is annually 1st January 2019 to 31st December 2019. ATTACHMENTS REQUIRED: 2019 Race Licence Form for ALL RIDERS If rider has turned 16 yrs old since last membership they must complete form themselves.
· Number Plate:  Must have Club Abbreviation HN 25mm, Challenge - Male yellow plate with black numbers, Female blue plate with white numbers, Cruiser 24" - ALL red plate with white numbers. Plate numbers can be any number between 51 and 999.
Two or more members of the same family. Rider must be affiliated to another BMX Club in New Zealand. Associated members are entitled to: compete in the Hamilton BMX Club's Club Champs, sprocket training where applicable, to partake in Club gate nights, to the Hamilton BMX Club night fee with the reduction for other family members, concession cards are available. Associated Members are not entitled to become holders of Hamilton BMX Club's perpetual trophies.
$ 0.00
Progressing to a Club or Challenge membership.
Does rider have any health concerns not already disclosed?
If yes please provide additional details, if not previously advised.
Health Concerns/Allergies/Dietary Requirements (whether food/insect/or other).
2019 BMX NZ Licence Form Signed.