Welcome to Hamilton BMX Club. Minoque Park, Moore Street, Forest Lake, HAMILTON
Club nights every Wednesday during our season (August to May-see our events) Come join us! Suitable for all ages from 2yrs up – balance & pedal bikes. Not just for kids… Mums and Dads can race too. Bring the kids and come see what you’ve been missing! Track is open to the public whenever there are no club events on, But please respect the track, if it’s been raining the track surface maybe too wet and soft, and prone to rutting.

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Between August and December 1980, after a school holiday programme, BMX’s progress in Hamilton was considered at a stalemate. However by early December a public meeting was called, from which the first Committee was formed and the Hamilton BMX Club established. After the Christmas break this very able Committee met and the hard work of track building and negotiations with the Hamilton City Council and Contractors begun. We must not forget the great help from the Kirikiriroa Kiwanis. By March 1981 racing was underway and the grand opening was held on 26th April 1981 with the official opening being performed by His Worship the Mayor, Ross Jansen. A great turnout of 453 riders attended from near and far. In January 1982 the club accepted the Hamilton City Council’s offer of a new site in the Minogue Park complex with the stadium being used for the development of the netball complex. Racing on the new track was underway in March 1983, however not many months later and redesigning of the track saw the club once again shift. Now it was all go on a fast and furious track with a pro-section added for the older riders. This track was maintained until 1995 when for safety reasons a major redevelopment of the track was again required. A grant of $25,000.00 was given to the Club by the Hamilton City Council, and a contractor employed to reconstruct the track. This proved to be more than the Club had bargained for, and eventually after 18 months of “no track at all”, the contractor was ordered off the site. The Club members got stuck in and finished the track and surrounding areas with completion ready for the 1997 North Island Championships. Also at this time a new start ramp was constructed along with a new gate and start mechanism. The assistance given from WEL Energy made the start ramp possible, as did the grant from The Community Trust which gave us our funds for the power and lighting. Hamilton has the best facility in New Zealand when you put all these factors together. The Hamilton track is very popular with all riders in New Zealand and from overseas. It is a very competitive track and offers plenty of exciting happenings over the 390 metres. Hamilton has been host to major events including the 1985 Summer Internationals, 1992, 1997, 1999 and 2007 North Island and the 2003 National Championships. There are currently 33 registered Clubs in New Zealand, with Hamilton having one of the largest membership of registered riders. BMX is a family sport, with children as young as three to riders in their 70’s competing. The little ones usually ride a 16″ with older children on the 20″ and adults racing the 24″ cruiser. We have now introduced the Mini Wheelers (strider) to BMX for our youngest to start out on their balance bikes.
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