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Wednesday Club Night - 1st club night for season 23rd August 2017
Club nights Our club nights are for everyone, ALL AGES on pedal & balance bikes - new & existing riders. GIVE IT A GO! Come & join us.
Wednesday evenings, registration from 5.15pm, Racing starts 6pm. (Weather permitting updates on our Facebook page). EFTPOS AVAILABLE AT CLUB ROOMS
The club takes a winter break during the months of May,June and July and resumes in August.
Cost: Club Members - $2 per club night
Associated Members - $2 per club night
New Riders 1st 3 club nights FREE, next 7 club nights $3 per club night/rider (up to 10 club nights)
Casual Rider (after 10 club nights) - $10 per club night ($20 max for family)
Striders - Price will be the same as a Club member or New Rider.
New riders first 3 club nights free next 7 club nights are $3 per night. If is assumed that after 10 club nights the child/person will know if they want to continue BMX as a sport and should join the club.
Concession Cards available $20 per card.
Bikes and Helmet Hire Bikes and full face Helmets are available to hire for new riders & members from the points hut $2 per bike and $2 per helmet. Hire is available during the 1st 10 weeks,then rider will either be required to join club or become a casual rider (see costs above.)
Registration/Club Night From 5.15pm, all riders must register including striders. Registrations are entered into a computer system and the race motos are calculated from this.
All riders are required to have a race plate on their bike, so the rider can be recognised at all times. This is a safety precaution and a necessity.
Race/safety Wear Long sleeved shirt,long trousers, gloves (closed in fingers), closed shoes and a full face helmet are requirements for racing on the Hamilton BMX Track.
Safety Please make sure you ride around the track the correct way. Shop:
There is a Club shop that sells drinks and snacks, including a BBQ with burgers and sausages. BBQ - Burger beef or chicken, Sausages, Drinks, Iceblocks & Icecreams - popsicles, juices, twirly pop, cyclone, jelly tip, choc bar, trumpet, Lollies, Snacks.
Volunteers: The club can only run successfully with the help of the committee members and parent volunteers.
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