2019 BMX NZ Nationals


BMXNZ Nationals 2019

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CN Flyer 2019

1 – Participation class entry requirements
To clarify the entry to these classes, all 6yr & under ages that are participation, DO NOT require the normal NQMs.
Please note the age groups are based of UCI AGE, so if you turn 7yrs in 2019 you are in the 7yr class & need NQMs.

To all Clubs & Regions, for all of sport,

We have done some quick updates, as part of some last minute feedback & corrections to detail. The flyers & online entry systems are all live already but it would be a good to advise you all on the small updates.

Entry  Fees corrected
Note the participation classes are $30  (6 & unders & Elite classes)

SUPERNATs Male 15+ Pro class added
As a result of last year, as Male 15+ Pro class is added in. This is a class for champ riders & any challenge rider who wish to go over the PRO second straight. The standard Male 15+ class will use the amateur straight only. The standard class is not available for championship riders.
If you have already entered & wish to change, please e-mail admin@bmxnz.co.nz

Number plate text updated
New change for NATs to be like the Oceania event, riders who have an non-ranked plate number can add this into the entry form & you will use that plate number at the event. So be it 56 or 873 or 222 you can run it.

Class Lists updated
Sport feedback, we have opened up the top end of the Male CR & 20″ classes to allow entry in those age groups. If the sport is right, we should have some full classes, if not, there will use the standard amalgamations rule to make up full classes, as they have been in the past.

SUPERNATs Intermediate Class
Yes we understand the age groups here are the same as last year & the pedal controversy is coming into play. At this point without a vast dilution of the SUPERNATs event the Intermediate Class age grouping will stay the same this year.  The SUPERNATS is a extra event, a fun, novelty race, so my challenge to all the Twelve year olds is to see who can get to the A final on flats. Any UCI Twelve Year old that does get to the A final on flat pedals, we will give each that do, an additional $30 cash on top of your prize purse. So parents its the entry fee back, for the rider buy something nice for your mum (or dad).