2018 South Island Titles

12th January 2018

For all Club Team managers,

Attached is the updated timetable for the South Island Titles.
The BMXNZ Officiating & Christchurch City BMX Club Teams are working hard to make sure the track is in the best shape for racing, this revised timetable is in the best interests of the riders & the racing.




11 January 2018

All Club Managers,

If you are in Christchurch you will understand that we have had solid rain for the last two days & continuously overnight.
The Officiating, Club & Event team are constantly assessing this & want to advise all Club Managers that an update regarding the FRIDAY practice times will be assessed & updated if needed, approximately lunch time tomorrow Friday the 12th.

REGISTRATION will happen as per the existing time of 4.00 to 5.00pm Friday
The event site will be CLOSED to all riders & supporters. ONLY CLUB MANAGERS WILL BE ALLOWED to the event site.
The CHCH club want to protect the event site from damage during the wet weather, so CLUB MANGERS are requested to arrange the plate distribution to their riders somewhere else other than at the event site due to the wet ground.

The MANAGERS meeting time is UPDATED to  5.00pm Friday, immediately after registration.

The Christchurch City Club is working very hard to make sure the event site & track is in the best shape as possible for racing.
Please can all riders & supporters help by keeping away from the track until officially open for practice.